Hi, I'm Alejandra Hernandez.

Hi, I'm Alejandra Hernandez.

I'm a first-gen Latina. I've been trailblazing my whole life and I love to see the trailblazer in YOU.

I grew up toggling between America & Colombia. Between tinto con Pandebono and listening to hot 97.5 in the car.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane together.

👉🏼 2014: I graduated from the University of Maryland (go terps!) purely exhausted, relieved and proud. 

👉🏼 2014 - 2018: I spent the 4 years post-college cycling through jobs in predominantly HR/Admin related positions. It was messy but I had a knack for landing jobs. 

I learned what HR is looking for in candidates, how to nail the interview, expectations on salary negotiation, hiring (and firing) policies, and ultimately, what gets a candidate hired.

👉🏼 Late 2018: I reach my quarter-life crisis + breaking point in my career.

As the first to: grow up in America, graduate college, and work in an office, I figured many things out through tumbling and grit. I did all the “right things,” I went to college, got an office job, had a partner - yet I was unsatisfied and felt lost about what I was actually doing to make a difference in the world.

Sound familiar?

So I did something completely illogical and scary. 

I quit my job WITH NO JOB LINED UP and decided I was going to prioritize ME. I yearn for traveling and the mountains. I went off to Peru to rediscover who I am, what I love, and my purpose in life. 

That’s where I had my A-HA moment, career coaching. I could take everything I knew about what companies look for when hiring and apply it to uplift other WOC and First-Gen to find work they love, and succeed in their careers.

👉🏼 2019: I came back from Peru and I started career coaching under a company to sharpen my skills as a coach. I knew this was my calling.

I Helped My Clients:

👉🏼 Change Career Paths (non-profits, healthcare, education, agtech, IT, etc) 

👉🏼 Increase their salaries from 10k - 70k

👉🏼 Land a job in APRIL 2020 (the midst of the pandemic)!

👉🏼 Negotiate their compensation packages

I am very fortunate to have found my dream job during COVID-19 and I could not have done it without Alejandra's constant motivation and support. 

👉🏼 2020: I decided to start my own coaching practice to focus on the population I love to guide the most: First-Gen & WOC.

I want to show you how to play the game so that you can find a career you’ll LOVE and enjoy your life NOW. 

I’ve worked with my clients to find clarity in who they and build the confidence to live a life beyond their dreams.

👉🏼 Today: I am fueled with purpose and I know you can too. Feeling confused and stuck? I’ve been there, there is a way out. 

Breaking the spell has allowed me to create a life I love - one where I love what I do, feel nourished by my community, and my well-being is thriving.

I intersect my love for career coaching, leadership, & well-being to help my clients create and live their dream life.

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I am very fortunate to have found my dream job during COVID-19 and I could not have done it without Alejandra's constant motivation and support.