From Unemployed for 3-months to landing a manager role with a $22k pay increase. 

Alejandra helped helped me organize my work experiences for a resume tailored to those roles and prepare to speak about my experience and goals in interviews in a way that would elevate me beyond the associate level. 

She helped me land a manager role with a $22k pay bump!

I feel confident in the role that I've accepted and how to continue to build momentum in my career.

- L.N. 

From Overwhelm as a New Director to Confidently Leading Meetings

Thank you for being an inspiring, patient, knowledgeable and kind coach. [as a new Director] I had all these meetings that I have to speak up, and I was thinking “how am I gonna do that?!” and feeling really nervous.

Now I’m leading more confidently, speaking clearly, being present, being grounded…and I feel like it’s a muscle that is strengthening over time!

- Paula P. | First-Gen Latina 

From Successful but Unfulfilled to Successful and Purpose-filled 

Despite continuous success and promotion, I wasn’t feeling satisfied in my career. 

Alejandra helped me become more aware of what excites and motivates me to bring my best self to my work. Her coaching helped me develop the confidence to take a leap I thought required additional education and experience.

I had received coaching before, but not quite like Alejandra’s. She delivers insight and wisdom through genuine compassion. She validates with her deep understanding of community and empowers with her adeptness to identify and uplift individual values and strengths. 

This experience helped me to better understand myself and has brought fulfillment to all aspects of my life.

- Couriel B. 

From Feeling Stuck to Changing Careers & Increasing My Salary


I was on the verge of burnout when I came to Alejandra for help. I had spent years making lateral movements in my career and I wanted help with making a jump UP in my career.

I was a bit nervous about investing in a coach as I am also planning a wedding and would like to buy a house but felt it was imperative for my career and health.

Alejandra helped me take something that initially felt really overwhelming into a step-by-step process that provided me with a lot of clarity and confidence. She helped me understand what was important to me, my strengths, and my negative self-talk to reframe them and help build my confidence. She kept me focused along the way.

With her help, I found an organization that I share values with and created my own job. I created and pitched my dream job to the organization and was offered the role!

I broke the pattern of making lateral moves which were really rooted in imposter syndrome and feeling uncomfortable claiming a higher role. I was able to increase my salary, change career paths, and move up in my career!

- Jade S. | First-Gen | Mexican-Chinese-American

From Holding Myself Back to Landing My Dream Job with $44k Salary Increase


I never would have even applied if you did not make me realize that the only thing holding me back was myself. 

[Our] conversation had a huge impact on me. We talked about a job I wanted to apply for that I thought I’d be perfect for — the one with a great salary. 

After rounds of interviews…I GOT THE JOB!!! $44,000 salary increase! Thank you for believing in me, and teaching me how to believe in myself. I cannot believe the amazing opportunity I have! I’m insanely excited. The work you do is so important, and I’m so grateful for you. ❤️

- Kyle D. | First-Gen College Graduate

From Feeling too Guilty to Leave to Confidently Advocating for Myself

Alejandra helped me during a time when I felt incredibly dissatisfied with my job and feeling paralyzing guilt about the possibility of leaving.
She guided me through a process of self-analysis and self-discovery through thoughtful homework exercises after each session and through our one hour sessions. She helped me have the confidence to advocate for myself and work through the fears of anxiety I had about changing jobs.


Through our work together, I was able to successfully transition my career into a role that was better for my well-being and life goals without sacrificing a salary. I highly recommend her as a coach if you are feeling burnt out, stuck, and unsatisfied with your career.

- Lupe C. | First-Gen Latina

Releasing My Comfort Zone & Negative Thinking

When I met Alejandra I was in a very comfortable
uncomfortable position. I was comfortable with doing everything that did not work. I felt trapped and stuck where I was but wanted to change. Working with Alejandra has pushed me to reshape what I say, what I perceive, and what I think. I feel hopeful, something I haven’t felt in a long time and like I have a clear direction to go in.

- Mario M. | First-Gen | Haitian American

Accepting Who I Am & Understanding my Purpose

I’ll never forget when I worked with [Alejandra] and I felt like my entire life experience was validated in the time we had our session. So much shame was released, because now instead of working against myself and seeing myself as something that needed to be fixed, I actually started to understand my purpose. I started to let go of so many projects….and replace them with my singular project that I knew I wanted. Ale thank you so so so much for what you’ve done for me! If you are thinking about getting some career coaching, I highly recommend her!

- Carlos C. | First-Gen | Colombian-American

From Feeling Undervalued to Knowing My Value

Alejandra is an amazing coach, she has supported me all the way, she has always been available and always helps me go through my doubts. [Before working with her,] I was in a place where I thought I did not have a way out, I felt undervalued and unappreciated, and at the same time I felt a sort of dependence and guilt to leave this position. Alejandra has helped me tremendously to find myself and to create my identity to what is better for my future career.

- Monica M. | First-Gen | Peruvian-American

From Struggling to Embrace Her Leadership Style to Rising as a Founding Principal

Prior to joining this program, I was struggling with my confidence to embrace my leadership and through this I was able to get some tools to process emotions, make sense of them, and work through the discomfort I was feeling.

I am proud of my ability to stay calm in challenging moments. Alejandra is gentle with a kind heart yet fierce enough to ask you tough questions that allow you to sit with yourself. I highly recommend you check it out, I promise you won’t regret it!

- Dr. Natalie Mejia | First-Gen Latina

From Confused in the Job Search to Confident and Clear

I loved working with Alejandra! She provided amazing feedback and encouraged me every step of the way [in the job search process]. I was feeling very unclear about what positions I’m interested in and unsure about my experience when I first came to her. 

By the end of our time working together I feel a lot more confident in myself and what I contribute. She’s very professional and I would highly recommend her for career coaching.

- Maria S. | Latina 

From Imposter Syndrome to Confident in My First Director Position 

I had recently resigned after being overlooked for a promotion. I was about to step into a Director role at another organization and was anxious and experiencing Imposter Syndrome. 

This was my first coach and I started my new career endeavor with confidence. In my first week I got positive feedback from the executive leadership team. I'm happy with Alejandra!

- Yolanda R. | Latina

From Unsatisfied and Undervalued to a Purposeful Senior Position

I was in the middle of career burnout when I came to Alejandra. I had quit my job despite having a seemingly successful career.

Through our work together I started to build back my confidence, to believe in myself, make decisions for myself, and was able to take on a new career path.

This coaching went beyond my career, in my personal life I was more centered, aligned and present. I began to really understand myself and validate my strengths and area of focus. I’m grateful for this coaching. 

- Erika A. | First-Gen Latina

From Unsatisfied and Undervalued to a Purposeful Senior Position

I was unsatisfied with my job, specifically with my position. I felt like my position didn't match with my professional experience. I was looking for help to gain more self confidence. 

Coaching with Alejandra was incredible helpful. Now I'm more confident to speak about my professional journey. That definitely helped me to get my recent job, in which I have a higher position that feels more adequate to all my years of experience. I jumped from associate level to senior level. I identified my areas of professional expertise. I learned about my values and leadership style. I was able to negotiate a job offer for the first time. I feel confident and empowered. 

- Angelica M. | Mexican Immigrant in the USA

From Struggling in my day-to-day to Confident and Self-Advocacy

Before working with Alejandra, I was a year and a half into my career and struggling with day-to-day navigation, particularly in my relationship with my manager. Alejandra helped me realize that fear was affecting my performance and overall presence at work. Through coaching, I gained confidence in meetings, no longer dreading interactions with my manager. This newfound confidence has allowed me to showcase my skills more effectively and be better at managing my emotional reactions in the workplace.

I genuinely enjoyed it and witnessed a significant positive impact on my career. 

- Maria B. | First-Gen Latina


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