Are you tired of.... 

Feeling alone in your career & missing a mentor?  

Playing small due to the discomfort with being seen

Letting imposter syndrome get in the way of your growth?

Our community benefits from YOUR leadership and confidence.


Only 4.4% of Manager roles and only 3% of senior level positions are held by Latinas?!

No wonder you feel lonely. As a Manager or Director, you are a part of a small (but mighty and growing!) number of Latinas rising. 

With the right guidance, leadership skills, and support system, you will continue to rise as a leader at work with confidence and your head held high.

Dr. Natalie Mejia

from struggling to embrace her leadership style to rising as a Founding Principal.

Prior to joining this program, I was struggling with my confidence to embrace my leadership and through this I was able to get some tools to process emotions, make sense of them, and work through the discomfort I was feeling.

I am proud of my ability to stay calm in challenging moments. I valued the community of Latinas that rallied by my side as I transitioned into a new leadership role. Alejandra is gentle with a kind heart yet fierce enough to ask you tough questions that allow you to sit with yourself. I highly recommend you check it out, I promise you won’t regret it!

The biggest issues that Latina Managers & Directors face when in in leadership:

🎯 Lack of Mentorship

🎯 Imposter Syndrome

🎯 Feeling Alone and Alienated

🎯 Lack of Community for Professional Development

Right now you may be thinking “I’m not good enough” or “smart enough” to be reach an higher leadership role.

You might be in your first leadership position and find yourself struggling with self-doubt and the doom of
“what did I do?!”

1. You are not alone and     2. You are in the right place.

The biggest issues that Latinas face when breaking into leadership include:

🎯 Lack of Mentorship
🎯 Imposter Syndrome
🎯 Staying Quiet (Calladita Te Ves Mas Bonita is NO around here)
🎯 Lack of Career Advice/Guidance

Right now you may be thinking “I’m not experienced enough” or “smart enough” to be in a leadership role.

Or you might be in your first leadership position and find yourself struggling with self-doubt and the doom of
“what did I do?!”

1. You are not alone and

2. You are in the right place.

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The Foundation of Latinas In Leadership  

The only group coaching program specifically for Latina Managers & Directors to break through barriers and reach their next level of leadership.


Struggle to set crystal clear goals and then follow through with a step-by-step plan? In LIL we set goals and achieve them.


Tired of quitting on yourself? Transforming your life is hard. That’s why you will have an accountability partner and a whole team.


Latinas are notoriously under-mentored and lack guidance in their career. That’s why you get guidance from me every step of the way.


It takes a village. Even on your hardest days, you will have a community to nourish and uplift you when you want to quit.

Paula Prieto

From too nervous to speak up to leading meetings with confidence.

I remember the first day [of Latinas In Leadership] I was so nervous. In my new role, I had all these meetings that I have to be. I have to speak up, and I was thinking “how am I gonna do that?!” and feeling really nervous.

Now I’m leading more confidently, speaking clearly, being present, being grounded…and I feel like it’s a muscle that is strengthening over time! I love what we are all women and Latinas, we are all wanting to grow and do better and more. That was empowering me.

The 4 Pillars of Leadership Mindset (V.O.T.E)  

With a foundation of goals, mentorship, community, and accountability, we go into the 4 Pillars of Leadership Mindset (V.O.T.E) so that you fortify your mindset and strengthen your leadership with confidence. 

1. Vision & Values 

-> Get clear on your vision so that your decisions today are aligned with your bigger purpose. 

-> Identify your core values so that you can set boundaries and prioritize effectively.

-> Measure your progress and assess opportunities to ensure that you stay on track with a clear vision.

2. Overcome Imposter Syndrome 

-> Shift your mindset from “I don’t belong” to “this is exactly where I’m meant to be”

-> Identify the limiting beliefs that are holding you back

-> Learn how to change limiting beliefs in order to transform your identity and lead with confidence.

3. Take Up Space & Activate Your Voice 

-> Learn how to communicate through conflict with colleagues

-> Build your confidence with speaking up and sharing in group settings 

-> Learn how to ask for what you need like salary raises, a new hire, your coaching reimbursed

4. Emotional Intelligence 

The skill that every single leader needs. 

-> Learn how to identify your emotions and build self-awareness

-> The best tools to regulate your emotions when triggered at work

-> How to cultivate active listening with your direct reports & colleagues


You've already had success in your career as you reached manager or director level, this is where we UPLEVEL.

This 6-month program will pave the way for confident leadership, nourishing community, and guidance in your career in a way you likely have never experienced before.

If you want to trailblaze your way into confident leadership, have a bigger impact, create massive change in your life, and live out your purpose, Latinas In Leadership is for you.

Not only will this support you to continue to trailblaze your own way, but also creates a path for the future generations of Latinas to come.

Inside, we break generational patterns, integrate life-changing concepts, and do it together as a community.  

Are you tired of feeling alone in your career journey, ready to be confident in yourself at work, and break into leadership? 

Then this is FOR YOU.

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Suppressing your voice and feeling unsure of yourself

Turning on your voice and feeling confident about what you bring to the table


Hiding parts of you at work out of hear you won't fit in 

Showing up authentically and with boundaries


Thinking you are not good or experienced enough to be a Leader

Having a strong leadership mindset & the ability to overcome imposter syndrome every step of the way 

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Jackie N. 

From being stuck & quiet, to having boundaries and speaking up.

In the beginning at work I was on edge…I didn't say anything because I didn't know what I was doing, I was learning on the go.

Now I am more outspoken, I’m speaking up more at work. I’ll say “hey I don't understand this” or “can we push this deadline?” because sometimes it is unrealistic.

I’ve never been so vocal about it. I feel like now I understand there’s no benefit of me not speaking and being stuck. 

After you 6 months you will leave...


About your strengths, what you can offer, and your decision making. You will talk about your accomplishments without feeling like a jerk.


Enough to advocate for yourself in the workplace. Stand up for what you believe in and set boundaries.


With a leadership mindset. You will navigate imposter syndrome every time it shows up. Go after the role you desire and will accelerate your growth. 


With a beautiful community of other trailblazing Latinas.

You down?

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Latinas In Leadership Includes:  

⚡️ Weekly group coaching with Career & Leadership Coach, Alejandra Hernandez starting March 14th. This is where we met as a group to unpack the leadership mindset process to achieve your goals. This is a mixture of teaching and coaching.

⚡️ A Personal Onboarding call to set up your 6-month goals and get crystal clear on your action plan.

⚡️ (1) 1:1 Coaching call  to provide personalized support and make sure you are on the right track! Use this call at any point in your 6-months when you are in SOS mode and need an hour of my undivided attention. 

⚡️A monthly community charla to connect with your Latina sisters and fill up your cup. Alejandra is a master facilitator and will come with prompts, but this is not about coaching,  it’s about connecting with our peers in a safe space.

⚡️Drip Video Content to activate your leadership mindset. Modules on setting up your vision, and how values, how to overcome imposter syndrome, activate your berraca voice, and emotional intelligence. Key skills needed of every rising leader. A new video is released weekly.

⚡️ An Accountability Partner to support you through tough times. 

⚡️ Slack Community for peer-to-peer coaching and support in between calls. Ask any career-related questions about applying your leadership skills.

Building Confidence | Breaking Generational Patterns | Leadership Mindset

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  I know what you're thinking...

It’s likely you’ve never invested in yourself in this capacity before. Latinas are notoriously under-mentored. 

You might be thinking:

“I want to but I’m scared.” 

“What if this doesn't help and I wasted my money?”

“What if it doesn't work?”

There is no other group coaching program teaching Latina Professionals the skills needed to break into and thrive in leadership - all in community.

I know how scary it is to invest in yourself, I STILL get scared to this day sometimes!

Investing in yourself is the best investment you will EVER make. 

This is your time. Book the call and let's talk.


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Hi, I'm Alejandra Hernandez 

I’m a first-gen Latina whose parents hail from Colombia 🇨🇴.

I used to undervalue and overwork myself just like you. 

I was scared of speaking up out of fear of looking stupid. 

You could not pay me to speak in front of a crowd. 

I compared myself to others and resented the gringos with all their resources.

What changed? My mindset.

With the courage to invest in myself and lots of trial + error (lots), I uncovered the process needed to develop my mindset as a Latina that allowed me to build confidence, activate my berraca voice, manage my emotions, and lead a life with purpose.

Now it is my mission to empower Latinas like you to do the same. 

If you've read this far and have felt lit up by what I am offering, I invite you to listen to YOU.

Trust yourself. Honor yourself.

Click the button below and you will be taken to a calendly page to book a call with me. On this call we will discuss your career goals, obstacles, and if Latinas In Leadership is right for you. 

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Daisy S. 

If you’re feeling lonely, burnt-out, or like you can’t relate to anybody, this space is the perfect change.

Reserve your spot today!


6-months to transform your mindset, overcome imposter syndrome, and break into the next level of your career. 

Hit a glass ceiling? Let's fix that.